A unique company in Beavercreek, Ohio


The Original Building

Data Corporation was founded in 1958 by Bill Gorog, a salesman, and Lyle Cahill, an engineer. Their goal was to provide state-of-the-art equipment and uniquely skilled personnel services to the US Air Force reconnaisance and surveillance comunity at nearby W-PAFB and other locations world-wide.

I love working with smart people

This page is incomplete. Completion will depend on the memories of a diminishing number of Data Corp alumni

Some of the projects I worked on at Data Corporation 1962 - 1968

IMC Simulation

Image Enhancement

Moon Mapping

Information Retrieval

Missile Tracking

Highlightsa of Company History


Photo Processing

Cuban Missiles


Visual and IR targets

Digital Printing

Data Retrieval


Data Corp alumni started many companies in related fields. Some have become well known, others have remained obscure. This list is not complete; it includes only those I knew of before noving to Utah in 2000.

Recon Central -> Lexis/Nexis - (Many Data alumni)

Precision Photo Labs (Mel Kruger)

Circuit Center (Pat Close)

Advanced Computer Systems, Inc. - (Peter Senkiw)

HAS Images, Inc - (Harry Stiller)

Diconix -> Kodak|Scitex Digital Imaging - (Many Data alumni)

Dayton Scientific - (Dale Springer)