The story of the Tiffany windows at Trinity Church took us, oddly enough, to Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Deborah Lewis, the church secretary at Trinity, kindly provided us with a pamphlet containing details of the windows, including the names of the persons memorialized and the date each window was installed. Most of what she provided is included below, including pictures of all seven windows. In reading the pamphlet, we noted with interest the material about reverend Reynold Marvin Kirby, who served as the rector of Trinity from 1882 until his death in 1906. Before coming to Potsdam, Father Kirby was an assistant to Bishop Tuttle of Montana. Bishop Tuttle's diocese included the territory which is now Utah and Idaho. In his reminiscences Bishop Tuttle noted that, at one point, he was about to request the assignment of another assistant, but then decided that, with Rev. Kirby on board, he wouldn't need anyone else. After the railroad came to Utah in 1869 there was a rapid growth in mining in the mountains around Salt Lake . Mining was dangerous, and injuries to the miners were frequent. There was no hospital between Denver and San Francisco. Serious injuries were treated By Dr. John Hamilton, a former military physician and surgeon at Fort Douglas, who was now in private practice in Salt Lake. Major so Father Kirby organized and led a committe to create one. He served on the board of directors of the hospital for many years. He was also active in establishing schools throughout the territory. Rowland Hall, a girls school, was founded in 1880 with a gift of $5,000 from his mother-in-law, Virginia Lafayette Rowland, in memory of her late husband. Rev. Kirby's first wife, Virginia Rowland, died shortly after they arrived in Utah in 1871. Four years later he married Jane Stevenson. They had four children, the youngest a girl they named Virginia Rowland Kirby. They moved to Potsdam in 1882. Bishop Tuttle was transferred to Missouri in 188888. The Episcopalians of the Utah Territory elected Father Kirby to be their new bishop. When he was asked if he would accept he appointment, he requested time to think it over. The time was filled with a flood of messages from tghe West, encouraging him to accept, but he declined, preferring to remain in Potsdam. 1893 Aaron Townsend Hopkins (1800 - 1883) & Betsy Eastman Hopkins (1806 - 1882)
1895 Bloomfield Usher (1814 - 1893)
1895 Thomas Streatfield Clarkson III (1837 - 1894
1906 Rev. Dr. Reynold Marvin Kirby (1844 - 1906)
1909 Frederica Clarkson (1846 - 1909)
1920 Elizabeth Clarkson (1833 - 1918)
1927 William Alonzo Moore (1861 - 1922)?
Pictures of the windows and some of the stories behind them will appear here in due course.

Frederica Clarkson Rev. R. M. Kirby Bloomfield Usher Thomas S. Clarkson III Aaron & Betsy Hopkins Elizabeth Clarkson Moore Memorial